Single Focus

Are you looking for a place to connect and to gain perspective and focus for your life?

Then you've come to the right place. Single Focus offers direction and purpose to unmarried adults, age 25 and up, desiring fellowship and spiritual growth in a safe and God-honoring environment. In the light of Single Focus, you'll find a ministry tailored to your particular stage in life.

Singles Sunday School Class
Sundays, 9:15 & 11:00 AM, Room 217
Leaders: Pastor Cheri Clark and Sharla Leverenz
April 12-June 28: "A.D."
Experience the action-packed journey of the first followers of Christ in the early days of the most powerful global movement in history. Dive into the events following the resurrection of Christ, and be inspired by Peter, Paul, Stephen, and other disciples who struggle to survive and dare to share their beliefs in the midst of tremendous persecution. Watch the television series on Sunday night 8:00PM on Channel 3 (KSN) starting Easter night and come the following Sunday to discover what these stories mean for your life and faith today.

Singles LifeGroup
Friday, 7:00 PM, Room 217
Leader: Josh Corral
Current study: “Gods At War" by Kyle Idleman -
We will be challenged with the thought that perhaps all sin springs from the same source -– idolatry. While we may not see many “graven images” in our world today, Kyle argues that there are still countless gods passionately in war for the throne of our heart. If we put the wrong god on the throne, our lives will be thrown into chaos, and all our efforts at managing sin will be futile. Only by recognizing our misplaced worship and by enthroning Jesus can we experience true freedom and life.

Singles Support Groups
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